Sir C.R.Reddy College of pharmaceutical sciences was started to prepare graduates in pharmacy to meet their ever increasing need in Pharmaceutical industry, Drug control, Teaching and community Pharmacy.


  1. To establish and maintain an outstanding professional education programme, to teach the students to become effective Pharmacy graduates to meet the needs of the profession. 
    2. To preserve, augment and transit knowledge regarding drugs, drug products and health. 
    3. To conduct out standing research and service programmes to keep pace with the widening knowledge base required for Pharmacy graduates. 
    4. To collaborate with industry and other health disciplines to products quality medicines.


M.Pharmacy   –   
              Pharmaceutical Technology
              Pharmaceutical Analysis & Quality Assurance.


Few professions offer the variety of specializations and opportunities that the Profession does. Pharmacy can offer challenging, satisfying and rewarding career to the individuals whose interests lie in scientific research, health services, teaching and business.

The Pharmaceutical industry which manufactures a wide variety of medicinal agents and formulations employs maximum number of Pharmacy graduates in various capacities ranging from Production, Quality control, R&D and formulation activities

Pursuing higher studies in Pharmacy like M.Pharm and Ph.D will widen the horizons of graduates in Pharmacy enabling him/her to occupy important positions in Teaching, Research Institutes and industry as well. And most of hospitals have Pharmacy Department which employs people graduated in the Pharmacy. In addition to the ever growing prospects for the Pharmacy graduates in various disciplines in the country there exists immense prospect for them at abroad in various developed countries such as US, Germany, Australia and in the countries of Middle East.

Pharm D (Doctor of Pharmacy) is a six-year bachelor course which is recognized by the western countries and allows a person as a clinical and Hospital Pharmacist



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