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25 and26 November 2022 21ST INDO - US INTERNATIONAL conference ON Global Challenges and current updates in Pharmaceutical Sciences

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International kidney day

10.03.2022 An Awareness of kidney health &protection measures

womens day 2022


8.03.2022 women's day

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Seminar opportunities after Pharmacy

05.03.2022 Seminar opportunities after Pharmacy by v.Satish kumar founder and CEO of clinoxy solutions

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Farewell celebrations

04.03.2022 farewell

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Women’s day celebrations

08.03.2021 The entire lady staff of SIR.C.R.Reddy college of pharmaceutical SIR.C.R.Reddy management along with the principal, faculty and students made a grand celebration honoring the entire female faculty, non-teaching lady staff & girl students.There was a vibrant atmosphere all over with the active, energetic and enthusiastic participation of lady faculty in various games and programs conducted to all the women in the campus.

Kidney day celebrations

09.03.2021 Kidney day celebrations Conducted by: V. Mrudhula madam & IV Pharm.D Students Recently there is a rapid increase in the number of people suffering with kidney disease. On this note we the C.R.Reddy Pharmacy College teamed up to celebrate Kidney Day in our campus educating both the staff and the students. Our main aim is to raise awareness of the importance of our Kidneys to our overall health. Keep your Kidneys Healthy and Happy. Happy Kidney Day.


27.03.2021 Seminar by M.Bharath( medical sciences Canada on “abroad opportunities after pharmacy”) Seminar committee A one day seminar on “abroad opportunites” was organized by Sir.C.R.Reddy Pharmaceutical sciences college, Eluru on 27th march 2021. Mr.M.Bharath M.Sc. Medical Sciences, Canada as a key note speaker delivered lecture on “abroad opportunities after pharmacy”. He emphasized the importance of attempting exams like IELTS,JRF etc. and how well we can build our career in abroad. It was an enriching and enlightening seminar. Many of our staff and students took part in it.

06.03.2021 Seminar presentations By 5thpharm.d& 4th pharm d

students seminar committee It was an interesting seminar conducted at our college on 6th march 2021.Students actively participated in giving seminars under the guidance of their faculty members. The seminar was a huge success not only for its topic but also for theeffortour students made to mark their own impression with their knowledge.

20.03.2021 Seminar presentation By 4thpharm.d& 3rdpharm.d students seminar committee

A one day seminar on “ “ was organized by Sir.C.R.Reddy Pharmaceutical sciences college, Eluru. it was organized at the conference room on 20th march 2021. Students made this really good with their sincere approach in different views over the same topic.

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