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The major apparitions for the Department of Pharmaceutics are to inculcate how the me-too active pharmaceutical ingredients can be converted into outcome-oriented as well as patient-friendly end user formulations.

Through the industrial-oriented syllabus contents and intense training at this department during their study, the students are exposed to recent know-how of the technology used to make the final formulations.

The basic knowledge about pharmaceutical technology and the proper way to get patent for their innovative ideas are the additional unique features of the program blended with the presence of highly-reputed faculty members with vast experience.


Major Thrust Area of the Department

Dosage form design, development, optimization and evaluations for BCS-II & III drugs

Micro-and nanotheragnosis concepts for the early detection and treatment of malignant diseases and other life-threatening diseases

Eradication of biofilm-producing microorganisms from the surfaces of implanted or inserted medical devices into human body

Ligand anchored lipid/polymer-mediated nanoarchitectonics

Pharmacoengineering to fight against neglected diseases

3D Engineering & Printing Technology

Drug(s)-in-adhesive matrix/reservoir type transdermal therapeutic systems

Nanomedicines for organ/lymphatic delivery with deep molecular insights

Extrusion based biofilaments processing for fused-filaments applications

Translational cutting-edge pharmaceutical research & development

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