Policy decisions about issues relating to research within the institute are made by the scientific research committee, of which the principal is the head. The Research Policy aims to foster an enthusiastic and focused research environment among the institute’s faculty and researchers.


Promoting a culture of high-quality research within the organisation 
  1. To offer the necessary infrastructure and support in accordance with the research framework and standards
  2. To make sure that publications are made in reputable journals with high impact factors, Scopus/Web of Science indexing, and/or both.
  3. To encourage research that will benefit society and has the potential for commercialization
  4. Encourage interdisciplinary connections and cooperation across the country.
  5. To plan and carry out conferences, workshops, and seminars with reputable national and worldwide resource people
Policy and Guideline
  1. The institute’s Scientific Research Committee is in charge of overseeing all research activities, which are coordinated by the relevant HoD and other senior faculty members.
  2. The research must have the potential to result in patents, be useful in both social and commercial contexts, and have the ability to inspire additional study.
  3. Academics and researchers must engage in research that could result in reputable national and worldwide journals, conferences, and quality presentations and publications. The institution supports publication in journals with an impact factor provided by Thomson Reuters and is indexed in PubMed, Scopus, and Web of Science.
  4. Every researcher must uphold the highest ethical standards when doing their research. The research ethics must be followed, and plagiarism is a significant offence. Every researcher must be ethical and honest, and those who fail to uphold these standards may face appropriate disciplinary action.
  5. The institution provides funding for faculty development programmes at the national and international levels, as well as for conducting seminars, workshops, conferences, and other events.
  6. The principal and the committee will periodically examine the results of the research being done at the institution and may recommend any necessary changes.
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